Manicure Monday ~ OPI Less is Norse

Happy Monday!! When I came back to the blog, surprisingly I received a lot of questions about Manicure Monday. I didn’t think that it was missed but apparently I was wrong. Just a heads up though, things have certainly changed since my last one. I no longer do my own nails…shocker right?! I have been loving the convenience of getting them done for almost 2 years now. I now have gel nails. They start as builder gel where they use liquid gel to build the nail instead of gluing fake nails on. Eventually that grows out and you’re just getting a gel overlay on top of your real nail (which is where I am now). Okay, enough talking…onto the manicure of the day which in real life is about a month old, but hey it’s still cute! 😉

OPI Less is Norse

To be honest, I can’t even believe I’m posting these pics because the way my cuticles are set up…LOL HOT MESS!! I really thought I did a better job at lotioning up my hands but the jury is still out on that. At any rate, I hope you can look past the quality of the pics and appreciate the rhinestone goodness on the beautiful blue! I promise I’ll do better next time 😁

Have a fantastic day!!




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