Monday, January 11, 2016

Casual Brunch

Well hello there...HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wait, I guess I should ask if anyone is still out there seeing how this is my first blog post in a whole entire year. How does that even happen? I'll tell you how; life. Anyway, I'm not getting started on all that right now but I do have an outfit to share...mkay?!

Vest : Old Navy ~ Sweater : Target ~ Joggers : Target ~ Boots : DSW 

Want to know a secret, I didn't actually have brunch in this outfit but I thought about it. Maybe next time I actually get around to it :-)

Alright Peeps, be good and I'll see ya when I see ya - promise it won't be another year! Btw, I recorded an OOTD video for this look. Check it out, if you'd like.


  1. Happy New Year! To you and yours as well! Loving the look. Gotta get that vest.. Thanks for sharing☺ See you in your nect vlog.

  2. Happy new year to you too, thanks for sharing

  3. Love this, gotta copy this style. Your pics are gorgeous. I see you Chad, working that camera.

  4. Hey girl!!! Happy to the New to the Year(-: I like this look and you know something? I have those joggers too! I thought they would fit me weird because I'm team too tall but I love them! Thanks for posting!

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