Southern Hospitality

Happy Friday Friends! Hope you’re as excited for the weekend as I am. I have a nice little to-do list that I can’t wait to conquer. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Southern Hospitality” before, right? It doesn’t matter if you live in the south, visited the south or have that one relative that grew up in the south – you’re probably familiar. Let’s talk about that.

You see this wonderful looking piece of cake…it came from my neighbor. Out of the blue, she brought it over to me and the hubby yesterday. She said that she made it earlier and wanted us to have a piece. We were in shock – that’s never happened to either of us before. I mean you see on TV all the time but you never think it actually happens. Well I’m here to tell you that it does…”Southern Hospitality” really exists (especially in smaller towns). Since moving to Tennessee, it’s almost unbelievable how sweet and welcoming people can be. It truly amazes me! 

So it got me thinking a bit. When was the last time I went out of my way to be nice to someone? What if everybody were this kind? How different would the world be today? It doesn’t have to only happen in the south…we can do this anywhere! My challenge for the weekend is to do something nice for a stranger. It doesn’t even have to be spectacular, sometimes it’s the little things that count. I challenge you to do the same…you never know what type of affect it will have on a person. 

Enjoy your weekend 😉



  1. May 18, 2012 / 18:38

    I've lived in the south (Arkansas) all of my life and I'm familiar with southern hospitatility. I love it! My grandmother was the queen of southern hospitatility. I'm cordial and I will hold open a door for someone, but I haven't did anything that was extra here lately, so I"m going to take on this challenge with you.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Mandi @theSassyFitMom

  2. Michelle
    May 19, 2012 / 03:20

    That cake looks delicious! How was it?

  3. Anonymous
    May 19, 2012 / 18:28

    I'm from Charleston,SC the most friendly city in the nation. Unfortunately, when I have met people from the north they thought I was being intrusive when I am naturally friendly…..pure and simple friendly. I was raised that way. Nonetheless, it is refreshing that you and your husband are able to experience true Southern hospitality and in the way of a yummy cake is excellent. B well.

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