Monday, May 7, 2012

Manicure Mondays - Cayenne

Hey Loves!! Seems like it's been forever...probably because it has. Hubby & I took another road trip over the weekend because I had to sing at a wedding. As you can probably imagine, I was crazy busy the entire time! As a result, I'm extremely exhausted today. Enough about me, how was your weekend?

Revlon ColorStay 150 Cayenne

Today's No-Chip Manicure started off with a new color from the Revlon ColorStay line. Believe it or not, I wore this all weekend even after coming to the conclusion that I wasn't a fan - just couldn't find the time to change it. 

Wet n' Wild 460D Kaleidoscope 

So this morning as I was trying to decide on a new color, it dawned on me that all it really needed was some sparkle. Making that small change, made a world of difference! Doesn't it look much better?? Worked like a charm ;-)

Hope Monday was good to you!



  1. I agree the sparkle does make a difference-- nice color, Gabe!

    Enjoy your week!

    Mandi @ the SassyFitMom

  2. I have those finger nail colors as well, except mine is Revlon 310 Vintage Rose such a pretty color that I have on now. Also Revlon 300 Bare Bones that I use as my base coat when I do water marbling on the nails. But I love the nails in both pictures, will definitely have to get that color as well.