Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekend Recap

What did I do this weekend?? Glad you asked, let me show you...keep in mind that this doesn't represent the entire weekend - just the important parts.

I'm really starting to love these vlogs that my husband and I do on the weekends. It's nothing fancy but definitely tons of fun. This all started in October...better known as Vlogtober in the YouTube community. I began watching a few vlogs and just so happened to come across my now favorite couple, Benji & Judy from itsJudysLife. I instantly fell in love. They two are newlyweds, married one week before us and vlog daily. I'm always excited to see a new video from them in my subscription inbox. If you've never watched them before, please do. You are in for a treat

After catching up on their videos, I thought "what a great way to document our life". So, hubby & I started making these vlogs and haven't looked back since. Surprisingly, we've gotten a lot of positive feedback. There are really people out there that find us entertaining (imagine that)!! I often joke with him about how my viewers seem to love our vlogs more than all my other videos but it's all good ;-) Whatever keeps the people happy

 Until next time,


  1. Yes i like your vlogs, they are entertaining.You have a good personnality, you make a cute married couple,like the fact that you are a couple that go to church together, that's good! Love Oscar is too cute when he watch the 2 of you eating loll

  2. hey you two,three...I love you guys, you are soooo funny and I love watching your vlogs. All the best for you.

    Viannie from Paris