Happy New Year

Can you believe it’s already 2012?!? It seems like 2011 was just yesterday…oh wait, it was 😉

At any rate, I hope that you had a wonderful New Years Eve celebration and are now ready to accomplish everything on your list for this year. I’m not a big “resolution” maker but I do like to focus on setting new goals. For me, 2011 was a huge transitional period…getting engaged, moving out of my apartment, quitting my job, getting married, moving to a new city and learning the whole housewife business all while trying to pinpoint my passion. I think I did a pretty good job for the most part but I’m eager to do even bigger and better things in 2012.

Last night I had every intention of not going to church (don’t ask me why, I have no clue). I purposely didn’t set my alarm with hopes of “sleeping in”. Well, that didn’t happen. God woke me up bright and early with plenty of time to get ready, eat breakfast and even make it to church on time. I’m so glad He did because I needed to hear the this morning’s message on spiritual vision & direction.

I won’t go into grave detail but I will share the part that resonated the most. God has a vision for your life and the only way to learn about it is to listen. He will speak to your spirit and show you where to go and how exactly how to get there. Once the vision is revealed, it’s your job to write it down, speak it into existence, commit yourself to Him and then continue to give praise for what’s in store.

Write, Proclaim, Commit & Praise. It’s that simple.

With that said, I hope you take some time to evaluate the path you’re currently traveling. Make sure that it lines up with the path that God has for your life. It is does, great! If it doesn’t, seek His face for redirection and continue to move forward. That’s my plan.

Until next time 😉


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  1. ronniyme
    January 28, 2012 / 20:38

    This is very sound spiritual advice for those of us who are believers. The key word here, resonating in my spirit, is listen. How will you hear if at first you do not listen? Thank you for sharing such tasty morsals of God's truth which we can chew on during the months to come. May you have a prosperous year in Him! Shalom

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