Hello world, it’s Gabe Flowers!!

You don’t even understand how happy I am to be typing this post right now.  For the past nine months I’ve wanted to start a blog. I knew that this year would be super hectic, leaving me plenty to talk about between planning a wedding, starting a business, moving out of my very first apartment, then actually getting married and relocating to the country (yes, all of that has happened).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get myself together in time for those events to get documented the way I wanted.  Why the hold up you ask?? It’s actually pretty simple, I couldn’t decide on a name – I know right, how lame?! After many sleepless nights and countless brainstorming sessions of trying to pick the most creative blog title ever, I chose to go with the most original…my own name šŸ˜‰

So with that said, welcome to The Gabe Fix at gabeflowers.com

Story of a big city girl trying to find her way in a small country town, all while learning how to be the best wife ever. This should be interesting – stay tuned!



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  1. January 11, 2013 / 19:52

    Nobody every commented on your very first post?! Well shoot, I'll do it! Here's to many more awesome blogs!

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