Monday, April 7, 2014

Manicure Monday - Midnight

Happy Monday! Did you enjoy your weekend? Mine was very laid back which was a much needed change so I'm not complaining. This week's No-Chip Manicure features a jewel tone color that can be worn all year round.

Don't you just love this color?! I absolutely do and I know you will too...go out and get it now!

Have a good one peeps ;-)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Date Night Fly

Hey Peeps, it's my favorite day of the week...yay!! I always loved Fridays but I love them even more these days because that means date night for me & the hubby ;-) Last weekend we went out with some friends to celebrate their birthday and I decided to jazz it up a bit. 

Blouse : Ross ~ Pants : Forever 21

Earrings : Forever 21 ~ Booties : Bakers

I'm normally a jeans and cute shirt type of chick but I think I'm becoming a fan of the dressier look. This is probably going to sound weird but the pants made me feel a bit more "grown up", if that makes sense. I'll definitely be investing in some new pieces soon! 

How would you describe your style? Do you love your denim or prefer to dress it up?

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you back Monday with a new manicure! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

High Winds & Burgundy Pants

Last Friday was shaping up to be the perfect day to visit the playground...the sun was out, the weather was above 50 degrees, all that good stuff. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long because once we finally arrived the sun was no more and the wind had taken over!!

Shirt, Pants & Tank : H&M ~ Flats : Target

Scarf: Walmart ~ Watch : Micheal Kors

Picture me trying to strike a pose all while fighting the wind, being blinded by hair constantly blowing in my face and chasing after a highly active 1yr old who refuses to stand still. It was hilarious! I have no doubts that the people at the playground got their laugh of the day. Nevertheless, we had a fun family outing and I even managed to score a handful of great pics...SUCCESS!!